Rosehip - Rosa canina

Category: Билки и лековити растенија - Herbs and medicinal plants - Βότανα και φαρμακευτικά φυτά

The rosehip is perennial deciduous shrub that can reach a height of 1-5 meters.

Young branches are covered with spines, leaves are elliptical and flowers are white or pink producing red oval fruits that make the rosehip much known. Rosehip contains a large amount of vitamins, organic acids, sugars and other beneficial substances. It is used in avitaminosis C, infectious disease and because of diuretic effects is used for diseases of the urinary tract against atherosclerosis, reducing blood fat and high blood pressure which reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.


Expert report on natural landmarks in the municipality of Novaci
Prepared by: Bozidar Boshkovski