Shepherds’s-Purse - Capsella bursa-pastoris

Category: Билки и лековити растенија - Herbs and medicinal plants - Βότανα και φαρμακευτικά φυτά

The shepherd's - Purse has erected, poorly branched stem that grows up to 50 cm.

Leaves him bigger and feathery arranged; the flowers are white and tiny and form bunches. Shepherd's purse grows everywhere. This herb should be harvested while younger, because it is the most healing then. It is used against diseases with muscles, wrists and all types of bleeding i.e. epistaxis, stomach, intestines, hemorrhoidal bleeding, uterine bleeding, while prolonged and increased menstrual bleeding. It is also used to treat tumors of the uterus and the regulation of blood pressure.


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Prepared by: Bozidar Boshkovski