Fennel - Foeniculum vulgare

Category: Билки и лековити растенија - Herbs and medicinal plants - Βότανα και φαρμακευτικά φυτά

Fennel is a perennial herbaceous plant, with a hollow stem.

The leaves are bare, feathery and green. The flower is dark yellow, while the fruit is egg-shaped with yellowish-greenish color. This plant originates from the Mediterranean shores, but its prevalence is bigger in many other parts of the world, especially in the dry soil near the river banks, deserted places and it also can me cultivated. Seeds and leaves of the fennel are used for pains, rheumatism and conjunctivitis. This plant is used for difficulties with digestion, gas, diarrhea, it stimulates disposal of kidney stones and is a mild diuretic.


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