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  • Two Dragons

    There were two dragons, one of ours and one Greek. The Greek dragon fell in love with the sister of the Macedonian dragon, Jana.

  • Vanishing grass

    The vanishing grass is composed of two parts. If they are not picked at same time, they cannot be assembled.

  • Water from the Monastry of St. Elias (Bren)

    You should not take water from the Monastery of St. Elias (Sv. Ilija) to bring it to home, but only on the field.

  • Zmejca Cave – v. of Gradeshnica

    Zmejca is a cave in the area of the Mariovo village of Gradeshnica. The place at a time was called Dragon’s hole.

  • Zovikj

    Zovikj is located in Bitola part of Mariovo, and according to the area, it is divided into two parts, old and new settlement.