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Explore the nature of Municipality of Novaci (Nature Route)

Explore the nature of municipality of Novaci. Visit the sites marked on the map and study the route well before you start out on your journey.

1. Municipality of Novaci

Starting point of this route is the administrative building of Municipality of Novaci located 9.6 km from Bitola. Here you can get additional information about the places you intend to visit and the state of roads.


2. Suvodol Lake

Established for the purposes of TPP Bitola (REK Bitola) artificial lake Suvodol is one of the frequently visited locations of hikers, climbers and fishermen.
This lake is a great location for leisure and recreation on 9.3 km distance from Novaci.


3. Village of Makovo

Makovo village, located on 19.3 km of Novaci, is a port of entry to south Mariovo. It is settled at 850 m. altitude; hence, there are harsh winters and fresh air. The Makovo oikonym has been derived from the hypocoristic Mako. There were 160 residents in 1568. During the World War I the village suffered a lot. There is a temple of the Synaxis of Archangel Michael in Makovo built 1860; it was destroyed to the grounds in the World War I and re-built in 1926 by the name of St. Resurrection.
Residents of Makovo celebrate Easter.
The monastery of St. Righteous Paraskeve was built and consecrated in 2002. Festivity of the monastery is Petkovden (St. Paraskeve Day).


4. Rapesh Lake

On 22.5 km distance from Novaci (32 km from Bitola), artificial lake in the village of Rapesh is a pleasant sight for visitors to these areas and real refreshment in this relatively dry region. This lake, established for the farmers in the village of Rapesh, offers a really pleasant location for leisure and recreation.


5. Village of Rapesh

The village of Rapesh is an old Mariovo settlement. The oikonymos has been derived from Rapol, which had come from Haralambos or Rahoslav. The Turkish census’ defters of XV century mention a village with 65 inhabitants.
Rapesh is located on the eastern slope of the mountain Selechka on 700 m. altitude. Ascension Day is the festivity of the village. Temple has been built to St. Righteous Paraskeve and St. Great Martyr Demetrius consecrated to both saints. At first the temple was built of stone sometime in 1860, having entrances on south and western sides, decorated with frescoes and icons. It was shelled and destroyed in 1918. The Rapesh inhabitants-escapees returned to their homes and rebuilt it after the war in 1919.
Rapesh village is located 24 km from Novaci.


7. Way to Brnik Waterfalls

Section to the Brnik waterfall is located 25.2 km from Novaci. The road that leads to the waterfall is an unpaved mountain road with a length of 3.1 km, suitable for off-road vehicles only.

8. Brnik Waterfall

There is no road to the waterfall, if you want to get to the waterfall you should walk. Due to the remoteness and inaccessibility of the terrain, we recommend you wearing proper equipment for mountaineering and being escorted by a licensed mountain guide.
This waterfall is 18 m. in height. The waterfall is a rarity in this intact nature, which complements the natural beauties of Mariovo.
In the past local population was growing grain that the remains of mills confirm.
Mill, before the waterfall of Brnik River, was for grinding grain, which was used by the inhabitants from the surrounding villages: Makovo, Rapesh, Brnik and Orle, because of these villages have not had water over the summer period.
Unfortunately, there are remains only of this mill.
There are also remains of the supply channel to the mill on Crna Reka.


9. Canyon of Crna Reka

Near the spot called "Jasikite" the regional road from Rapesh to Gradeshnica enters the Crna Reka canyon. Asphalt road ends at this point and a macadam road that begins in relatively good condition; so, cars can use it.


10. Rapesh Bridge

Rapesh Bridge is located on Crna Reka, 29 km from Novaci, The Rapesh Bridge is entrance to the so-called Old Mariovo. At this place you can often see fishermen fishing on Crna Reka, and it is also a place usually used for rest of the passengers traveling to villages Zovikj, Brnik, Budimirci, Staravina and Gradeshnica.


11. Road to the village of Budimirci and Trnovo Monastry

The section of road to the village of Budimirci is 38.8 km from Novaci, and partly asphalted macadam road, 3 km long, leads to the village.

12. Village of Budimirci

At an altitude of 857m, on the right side of Crna Reka, the village of Budimirci is located, typical mountainous village.
The name of the village origins from the Church Slavic name Budimir ("Be" + "Peace"), which literally would mean "awakening in peace" or "to be at peace."
Area of the village touches the crest of the mountain Nigje; a narrow part of it touches the state border with Greece. The village is very large and covers an area of 40.1 km2.
Belica River passes through the village, in which the rivers Bela Reka and Trnovica merge. The water of Bela Reka is extremely pure and rich with autochthonous trout-Salmo truta fario.
As a consequence of the great migration processes that have affected the entire Mariovo area, the village of Budimirci counted only about 30 residents in the census in 2002.
In the village, there is a temple of the Holy Great Martyr Nicholas Wonderworker, Archbishop of Myra, which was built in 1875-1878, and renewed after the World War II.
Opposite the village of Budimirci, at the foot of Kajmakchalan, the old village Trnovo lies. In this village there is a temple of the Holy Great Martyr Demetrius, known in the past as Trnovo Monastery.
Village festivity, which people kept holy in this Mariovo village, was the Day of Saint Paraskeve (Petkovden) celebrated on October 27.


13. Road to the Monastery St. Demetrius in Trnovo area

Unpaved mountain road with a length of 4 km leads to the Monastery St. Demetrius in Trnovo area. The road is suitable for off-road vehicles only.

14. The Monastery of St. Demetrius in Trnovo area (Trnovo Monastery)

Not far away from the village of Budimirci there was Trnovo village on 905m. altitude, which stands as abandoned and neglected area today.
In this area, at the foot of Kajmakchalan,, a temple in honor of the St. Great Martyr Demetrius has been built.
The temple, which had existed for centuries, has been restored recently, and the monastery residential quarters are considered as the most beautiful in this part of Macedonia.





Total length of the route in both directions:

98 km starting from Novaci
117 km starting from Bitola


Altitudes of all places have been marked on the interactive map


Escort by a licensed mountain guide is recommended.
Some locations can only be reached by foot or by off-road vehicle. Please study the route well prior to start the trip.