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The Monastery of St. Demetrius in Trnovo area (Trnovo Monastery)

Manastir sv. Dimitrij Trnovo

Not far away from the village of Budimirci there was Trnovo village on 905m. altitude, which stands as abandoned and neglected area today.

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Church of St. Nicola, village of Gradeshnica

Sv Nikola Gradesnica

At the end of the XVIII and early XIX century, major political, social and economic changes occurred in the Ottoman Empire as a result of the military defeats that drove the country into economic and political dependence on the European countries.

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Church St. Demetirus in the village of Gradeshnica

Sv. Dimitrij s. Gradesnica

There are nine churches in the village of Gradeshnica. One of the oldest is the church of St. Demetrius which some authors consider dating from XIV or XV century.

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St. Salvation, Chebren Monastery

Sv. Spas Cebren

The church of St. Salvation that is near the Chebren monastery, left from the macadam road leading to the monastery, located on a hill above Crna Reka, is outside from the third defensive wall of the medieval town of Chebren.

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St. Demetrius – Monastery complex Chebren

Sveti Dimitrij Cebren

Monastery of St. Demetrius is located within the second suburb of Chebren medieval town on the right bank of Crna Reka.

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Chebren – Monastery Complex

Cebren Mariovo

Chebren is a place in Mariovo with rich history. Chebren area belongs to the village of Zovikj, i.e. municipality of Novaci.

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