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Maria Gjeorgjieva - Brnik, Budimirci, Gradeshnica

Municipality of Novaci is located in the southern part of the Republic of Macedonia. It is located in the southeastern part of the Pelagonia plain, the central part of the flow of Crna Reka, Bitola part of Mariovo and the border region with Greece.

Being the largest valley in the Republic of Macedonia, Pelagonia today lies between two countries the Republic of Macedonia and Republic of Greece.
Total area of Novaci is around 70,000 ha. Out of the total number of villages of the municipality of Novaci, many of them belong to Bitola part of Mariovo: Gradeshnica, Staravina, Budimirci, Petalino, Iveni, Grunishta, Zovikj, Brnik, Rapesh, Orle and Makovo.
Besides these three areas, regions of Mariovo, people of Mariovo divide the region according to the flow of Crna Reka on  Small Mariovo (left side of the river) and Old (Large) Mariovo (right side of the river).
Mariovo part of Novaci Municipality is one of the cleanest regions in Macedonia ecologically and possesses vast pastures, forests, water and a wide variety of flora and fauna.
In Mariovo there is great diversity of vegetation, among which very important are medicinal plants.
 Big part of the animal communities is of special hunting commercial importance, while from the ichthio-fauna many fish species in Crna Reka have been researched.
Important detail for this region is that there are mineral resources, energy resources, metals and non-metals, making it an interesting field of study from the geological aspect, because it covers geological formations from youngest to oldest geological age.
Among energy resources available to this region, it is important to mention Mariovo coal or more popularly called the "hard coal".
In this context, deservedly we may mention the mine of Alshar. This mine has been geologically researched; geological surveys resulted in the detection volume Lorándite, antimony, arsenic and thallium. The magical area around Alshar known among natives as Red Valley, is a real enigma for scientists. It also is important floristic site characterized by the presence plant species: Alshar Violet-Viola Alchariensis and Arsenic Violet-Viola arsenica, representing Macedonian endemics.
In this report we will put an emphasis on the living environment and living history in the villages of Brnik, Budimirci and Gradeshnica belonging to Bitola part of Mariovo. In this direction the following objectives have been set:
• Live nature and living history of the village of Brnik;
• Live nature and living history of the village of Gradeshnica
• Live nature and living history of the village of Budimirci