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Parsnip – Pastinaca sativa

Parsnip is biennial plant of the genus of flowering plants which has yellow big and spindles root.

Its stem is tall and furrowed which is branched at the top reaching a height of over 1 meter. Parsnips leaves are elongated and oval; the flowers are yellow and in the form of umbels. This plant grows as wild herb on humid areas and it is used for both, medicine and spice. It is a powerful diuretic due to high content of potassium; therefore it is used for high blood pressure regulation. Parsnip contains a lot of minerals and vitamins, especially vitamin C which contributes to the body to easier cope with respiratory infections. Parsnip improves the appetite and digestion and has positive effects to the health of the heart. This herb reduces the risk of diabetes development and helps to prevent the cancer of the ovary.


Expert report on natural landmarks in the municipality of Novaci
Prepared by: Bozidar Boshkovski