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Wormwood – white, absinthe, camphorata

Wormwood is permanent herb with branched stems, semi-shrubby shape and up to 1 meter in height.

The leaves of wormwood are feathery, hairy and with small leafstalks; the flowers are yellow and tiny. It grows in the fields, along roads and deserted places, especially on dry, sunny and rocky slopes. Wormwood has a strong and pleasant smell and very bitter taste. Although this plant is a symbol of bitterness, its name originates from the Greek word "Artemis" which means healthy. There are three types of wormwood:
White  wormwood - Artemisia absinthium
-Absinthe wormwood- Artemisia vulgaris
-camphor wormwood- Artemisia camphorata
Wormwood is known as the strongest poison against parasites, as well as a powerful remedy against malaria. Besides these, the wormwood has many others medicinal properties helping against gastritis, improvement of the gallbladder, stimulate menstrual cycle, to prevent high temperature, to improve digestion, to help against insomnia, diabetes and more. In the traditional medicine it is commonly used to treat diseases caused by abnormal metabolism, such as obesity, gout, rheumatism and depression.


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