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Thyme - Thymus serpyllum

The thyme is a shrubby herb, with a height of about 20-30 cm.

Round flowers with pink or purple color create at the top of the stem releasing pleasant and strong smell. Because of the strong smell that usually is repulsive for wasps, the thyme is planted beside roses and other flowers that are sensitive for wasps. This plant grows in sunny areas, and has medicinal compounds found only in the leaves and flowers of the plant. This plant must be picked carefully; it must not be snapped because it destroys the plant. The thyme has diverse curative properties; it has the capacity to prevent the creation of many pathogenic infections, as remedy for the treatment of respiratory system it has shown to be very effective. This herb is one of the favorite remedies in the traditional medicine, which for centuries have been used to treat digestive organs, even against intestinal parasites, mostly in threadworms; it is, still used for coughs, to treat gallbladder,  liver, nerve diseases, epilepsy, anemia, alcoholism, stomach cramps and many other things. Thyme can be used as tea, spice, oil and antiseptic means.


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