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Vladimir Kuzmanov - Expert Report on historical memorables in the municipality of Novaci

If an area in Macedonia is known, specific and significant in terms of history, tradition, culture, ethnology, it is definitely Mariovo.

Mariovo is also unusual area in terms of its natural beauty and location. This is specific location, surrounded by mountain ranges and isolated from the surrounding world; it is specific for its natural treasures reflecting an image that you are at the most beautiful place in the world.
Evidence of living since the earliest times exists in Mariovo. Material findings testify the existence of civilization in Mariovo for at least two millennia.
But perhaps this region is the most famous for its glorious historical past: Macedonian heroine Kalesh Angja from Staravina, the famous Tole Pasha from Krushevica, Trajko the King from Brnik, Gjorgji Sugarev, Kalesh Angja, Mariovo riots and many other personalities and events that symbolize the disobedience of Mariovo region.
Also Mariovo is widely known for the famous national female costume and for one of the most famous characters from the works of Marko Cepenkov, Itar Peyo (Sly Peter) from Gradeshnica.