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Mimoza Donev - Expert Report on the Natural and Historical Sites in the Municipality of Novaci

Mariovo is located in the southern part of the Republic of Macedonia, immediately beside the border with Greece and covers the middle basin of Crna Reka.

It is surrounded by vast mountains from all sides, such as Nigje and Kozhuf on south, Selecka Planina from West, the mountain of Dren on the north and Kozjak with parts of Kozhuf on the east; it is a specific natural whole. Mariovo is unusual in many ways: hilly valley, wild beauty, isolation from the world, for its natural resources.
Considering the vegetation diversity aspect Mariovo is one of the richest regions of the territory of the Republic of Macedonia, where numerous endemic and relict plant species and plant communities grow, as well as representatives of different floral elements, such as the Balkans and the southern Balkan endemics, Mediterranean and sub-Mediterranean floral elements and others. The vertical span between the lowest point of this area (the Crna Reka canyon, 380-400 m above sea level) and the highest point of the mountain Nidze - Kajmakchalan (2,524 m above sea level) is about 2,100 m., which enables existence of different vegetation zones (meadows, hilly pastures, oak forests, beech forests, fir-beech forests, forests of white and black pine, fir forests, etc.), i.e. a diversity of habitats with specific environmental conditions that develop different components of biological diversity.
Climate with specific Mediterranean influence is also important to the landscape of Mariovo area. During the cycle of the year, various shades of colors change - from intensive green shades up to absolutely dominating yellow and different shades of brown in the dry period or Fall.
Although this area is still considered incompletely explored in view of floristic and vegetation, over 20 taxa from various parts of Mariovo, new to the science, have been described i.e. the territory of Mariovo is their locus classicus.