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Igor Tasevski - Tradition and Life in the Mariovo Part of the Municipality of Novaci

Mariovo is one of the largest geographic areas in Macedonia. Region is divided between three municipalities: Prilep, Kavadarci and Novaci.

This area is among the most sparsely populated regions in Macedonia. On the other hand, Mariovo is one of the regions which is often mentioned in the folklore, and the region rich in historical events.
Considering the location, on the one hand, the lifestyle, which still gives meaning to the traditional way of life and respect for family values, on the other hand; we have decided to visit some of the places around Mariovo, specifically the villages in the municipality of Novaci: the villages of Gradeshnica,  Staravina and Zovikj. We wanted to experience nature, on the one hand, tradition, culturology and ethnology, on the other hand. The purpose of our trips was to see how many people today practice certain forms of lifestyle, as 100 years ago or even more, on the one hand; and to see how much today's inhabitants of Gradeshnica, Staravina and Zovikj, remember and tell stories, legends. .. who have been told them by their mothers and grandmothers.
We passed 43 kilometers from Novaci to Gradshnica, same distance as the one between Prilep and Bitola. But if from Prilep to Bitola you get for twenty minutes, in order to reach Gradeshnica you will need, approximately, hour and a half. It is a road with plenty of heights and curves, with beautiful landscapes; that is a road that you should go through to experience it. When you reach Mariovo villages, you see the Mariovo beautiful houses built with stone and covered with stone slabs. There are many houses in the villages, but few inhabitants. Those that remain there are old. Their hospitality, warmth, openness to guests fascinates. Speaking of residents, we should mention that there are few and pensioners who have returned from cities to Mariovo in order to spend their age in the native land, in the untouched nature and beauty.
The few people enjoy the beauties of nature, dealing with agriculture and livestock. They produce foods with high natural values, and they are happy that they did not to forget the stories that had been told them by their mothers and grandmothers. We promised that we would publish the old folklore (new for us) and, of course, we would come again to enjoy the beauties of Gradeshnica, Staravina and Zovikj, rivers, meadows, fine Mariovo cheese and traditional food.