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Vanishing grass

The vanishing grass is composed of two parts. If they are not picked at same time, they cannot be assembled.

Legend says that if you pick one part and leave it in the hut, and then to pick the second part, when you return to the hut you may not find the first part, therefore this is called vanishing grass. This grass could be found in certain period of the year and certain place. That place is up to the top of Kajmakchalan and nowhere else this grass can be found. The grass may be found once on 10-15 years.

This grass prevents from all diseases, all negative phenomena, bullets, when flying with airplane and it provides longevity i.e. it stops aging.  As an illustration of its power is the example from the World War I. Namely, 30 residents from Gradeshnica were leaving to the front for fighting, ones on one side, the others on the other. Only three of them returned alive from the war the ones that were bringing the grass as an amulet. Nowadays there is a man who knows this grass and it is only him who says whom should be given the grass. Riste Momokovski has this grass. It should be said that the ex-Ambassador of USA in Macedonia, Lawrence Butler, has got piece of this grass. This grass should have been given to to the former President Boris Trajkovski, but the man who should give him, did not come. Tea is not made of this grass.


The vanishing grass thus should be brought as an amulet.
Narrator: Riste Momokovski originating from Mariovo village of Gradeshnica, a former mayor of the municipality Staravina, noted byIgor Tasevski January 2014.


Expert report on the natural/historical monuments in the municipality of Novaci
Prepared by: Igor Tasevski, M.A.