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The child that kept the property of his family

A child was born with wings. His mother has hidden this for a long time. One day the mother-in-law said to her: “Daughter-in-law, long time you do not allow us to see the child, to bath him; but we have desire, as you know, especially for boys.

The daughter in law said to leave it. The mother-in-law caught the moment when the daughter in law went to take, the mother in law took off the baby’s diapers and saw the baby’s wings. When the daughter in law returned, mother in law told her: Daughter in law, why did not you tell that the baby had wings? Let your mouth be speechless for the words you have told. They have gone to the bed in the night, when they got up nest morning the baby disappeared, he went to the saints and angels. After 10-15 years it hailed so hard, he (the dragon) went to the threshing floor where they were collecting the grains and told them: Listen to me, I am our son, while I am alive your assets will be neither hailed nor flooded or anything else. If you notice that hail starts to destroy you fields that means that I am dead and cannot protect your assets anymore. As he stood on the threshing floor he flew up where thunders from. After many years when he died, hail started falling on their fields. This story has been retold by the mother who lived 93 years. We have not read this legend in the books, but it is spread among the people.

Narrator: Stefan Kovacheski 71, from the village of Gradesnica. This story originated from the village of Beshishte, noted by Igor Tasevski January 2014.


Expert report on the natural/historical monuments in the municipality of Novaci
Prepared by: Igor Tasevski,
April 2014