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Two Dragons

There were two dragons, one of ours and one Greek. The Greek dragon fell in love with the sister of the Macedonian dragon, Jana.

So, one day Macedonian dragon left the home in a regular walk where he supposed to go. When he returned home he found the Greek dragon. They began to fight among themselves without weapons. The Macedonian dragon was stronger and he won the Greek one. When the fight was over, the sister of Macedonian dragon pulled her brother’s belt; Macedonian dragon stumbled, although he succeeded to win. Then his sister began to run away down the hill. Dragon began to chase her. On the way there was a wooden plow; the dragon took the wooden plow to throw at his sister,but he did not hit her; the place where the wooden plow has fallen it is called Rachkoec because of the wooden plow’s handles. Then the Dragon threw a stack to his sister threw, he failed to hit her again and at the end he threw a slab and killed her here. Even today here is a spot called Slab of Jana.
Even today it is known the place where the Macedonian dragon has lived in the meadow where there is a deep hole which is called the dog’s cave; it is deep around 1 m and it is spacious room; its depth is known to nobody.


Expert report on the natural/historical monuments in the municipality of Novaci
Prepared by: Igor Tasevski,
April 2014