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How the village of Gradeshnica got its name

The village of Gradeshnica has formed from two settlements.

05-gradesnicaNamely, after the accident and destruction of the city of Peshta, some of the people left to the village of Beshishte, and others moved to the current village of Gradeshnica i.e. they settled in the lower part. At the Saint’s place i.e. the location of Leshnitsa, there was asettlement, a village of a few houses. But they were often attacked by barbarians who escaping from the barbarians moved in today’s Gradeshnica, in the part below the river, which is called Gaber neighborhood. As there was not enough place they moved to the above quarter called Gjurovsko quarter. Because of this settlement consisted of residents of the city and the ones living in the area Leshnica, got the common name Gradeshnica.
Narrators: Stefan Kovacheski 71; Bojkovski Trajko 66 years, v. of.Gradeshnica, noted by Igor Tasevski January 2014.