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Village Rapesh

Selo rapes

The village of Rapesh is an old Mariovo settlement. The oikonymos has been derived from Rapol, which had come from Haralambos or Rahoslav.

The Turkish census’ defters of XV century mention a village with 65 inhabitants.
Rapesh is located on the eastern slope of the mountain Selechka on 700 m. altitude. Ascension Day is the festivity of the village. Temple has been built to St. Righteous Paraskeve and St. Great Martyr Demetrius consecrated to both saints. At first the temple was built of stone sometime in 1860, having entrances on south and western sides, decorated with frescoes and icons. It was shelled and destroyed in 1918. The Rapesh inhabitants-escapees returned to their homes and rebuilt it after the war in 1919.
Rapesh village is located 24 km from Novaci.


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