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Village Makovo

Makovo village, located on 19.3 km of Novaci, is a port of entry to south Mariovo.

It is settled at 850 m. altitude; hence, there are harsh winters and fresh air. The Makovo oikonym has been derived from the hypocoristic Mako.

There were 160 residents in 1568. During the World War I the village suffered a lot. There is a temple of the Synaxis of Archangel Michael in Makovo built 1860; it was destroyed to the grounds in the World War I and re-built in 1926 by the name of St. Resurrection.
Residents of Makovo celebrate Easter.
The monastery of St. Righteous Paraskeve was built and consecrated in 2002. Festivity of the monastery is Petkovden (St. Paraskeve Day).


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