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Village of Budimirci

At an altitude of 857m, on the right side of Crna Reka, the village of Budimirci is located, typical mountainous village.

The name of the village origins from the Church Slavic name Budimir ("Be" + "Peace"), which literally would mean "awakening in peace" or "to be at peace."

Area of the village touches the crest of the mountain Nigje; a narrow part of it touches the state border with Greece. The village is very large and covers an area of 40.1 km2.
Belica River passes through the village, in which the rivers Bela Reka and Trnovica merge. The water of Bela Reka is extremely pure and rich with autochthonous trout-Salmo truta fario.
As a consequence of the great migration processes that have affected the entire Mariovo area, the village of Budimirci counted only about 30 residents in the census in 2002.
In the village, there is a temple of the Holy Great Martyr Nicholas Wonderworker, Archbishop of Myra, which was built in 1875-1878, and renewed after the World War II.


Opposite the village of Budimirci, at the foot of Kajmakchalan, the old village Trnovo lies. In this village there is a temple of the Holy Great Martyr Demetrius, known in the past as Trnovo Monastery.
Village festivity, which people kept holy in this Mariovo village, was the Day of Saint Paraskeve (Petkovden) celebrated on October 27.



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