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Marigold - Calendula officinalis

This beautiful flower has branched and hairy stem reaching up to 50 cm in height, long leaves and large orange - yellow flowers.

It is grown and cultivated in gardens, but can also be found along roads. Since ancient times the marigold is known remedy for many diseases of the skin such as burns, difficultly healing wounds, acne, warts and many other skin diseases. Due to its antiseptic, antifungal and antibacterial properties as well as the rich content in its composition marigold is considered a panacea to solve skin problems. The healing power of marigold is very large, it is still used in varicose veins, hemorrhoids, asthma, vaginal infections, eye inflammation; it has the capacity to recover the mucous membranes, so it is used for stomach ulcers and sores in the mouth. It also affects the relaxation of muscles i.e. reduces spasms. Because of its anticancer effect marigold is used in treating malignant diseases. Marigold is used in treatments of bile, liver, infectious hepatitis, and due to the content of pro-vitamin A, it has a beneficial effect on the eyes and improves the vision.


Expert report on natural landmarks in the municipality of Novaci
Prepared by: Bozidar Boshkovski