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Raspberry – Rubus idaeus

Raspberry  is a plant that belongs to the type of shrubby plants, reaching the height of the stem up to 2 meters.

The stem and leaves are overgrown with thorns; leaves are heart-shaped and green, the flowers are white, fruits are red, quite tasty and aromatic. Raspberry is said that it is the fruit of the mountain areas, where other crops do not grow or thrive difficultly. It is resistant to winter frosts. Raspberry is a fruit with high nutritional, dietary and medicinal value. Dried leaves and fruits are used as remedy because of abundance in organic matters, vitamin C, pro-vitamin A, essential oils and other useful substances. In traditional medicine the raspberry is used in the form of tea, which helps with colds, flu, reducing the body temperature, diarrhea, bacterial diseases of stomach, diseases of kidneys and bladder; it is also used by pregnant women because they are thought to ease the delivery. Raspberry is also a component of the mixture used for the treatment of cardio-vascular system, the intestines and stomach, menstrual and hormonal disorders and vitamin deficiency. More recently there are researches of its effective power to the malignant cells.


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Prepared by: Bozidar Boshkovski