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Brnik Waterfall

There is no road to the waterfall, if you want to get to the waterfall you should walk.

Due to the remoteness and inaccessibility of the terrain, we recommend you wearing proper equipment for mountaineering and being escorted by a licensed mountain guide.
This waterfall is 18 m. in height. The waterfall is a rarity in this intact nature, which complements the natural beauties of Mariovo.
In the past local population was growing grain that the remains of mills confirm.
Mill, before the waterfall of Brnik River, was for grinding grain, which was used by the inhabitants from the surrounding villages: Makovo, Rapesh, Brnik and Orle, because of these villages have not had water over the summer period.
Unfortunately, there are remains only of this mill.
There are also remains of the supply channel to the mill on Crna Reka.



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