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Locality Five Fountains

About 10 km above the village of Gradeshnica, there is water spring known as the Five Fountains.

In fact, one fountain only can be seen in the field while the water of other four is used for the water supply system. The villages of Staravina, Gradeshnica, Budimirci and Zovikj supply water from this spring through water pipes. The altitude, the air humidity and the colorful flora make the stay in this place unforgettable experience.
 The locality Five Fountains (Pet Cheshmi) can be reached via the road above the village of Staravina  and Gradeshnica, in length of 10km. The road is unpaved and on some spots it is in very poor condition, especially in winter and autumn. It is only suitable for off-road vehicles and visit with mountain guide is recommended.





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