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Kalesh Angja

The village of Staravina is best known by the local heroine Kalesh Angja.

This legend may have been present among the population, but it had ben perpetuated and saved by the famous Macedonian  writer Stale Popov who wrote a book abut this heroine.
Currently, there are around thirty inhabitants in the village of Staravina. In talks with them they say that their village had been destroyed several times, so their homes  have been rebuilt. It is only known that Kalesh Angja originated from Sirmevci family that were living in this quarter, so among the local population this house has been known as the “House of Kalesh Angja”.
According to legend, the Turkish Bey walking across the field saw the very beautiful Angja, and wanted to take on in his harem. She did not want to accept Islam. She was forcibly caught and brought to the Turkish Bey in Prilep who took her for himself. Residents of the villages of Mariovo united and angry from the event, went to Prilep and, attacked the home of the Turkish Bey, rescued Angja and returned her home. After that they sheltered in Peshta fortress located on the hill above the village living there under siege for ten years. Ottomans managed to kidnap Angja and brought her in Istanbul. But there she met her brother Angjele who was part of the army of the Sultan, who as a child had been taken by the Janissaries. They recognized by the mark on his leg and he returned Angja back to the village.


Expert report on the natural/historical monuments in the municipality of Novaci
Prepared by: Igor Tasevski, M.A.
April, 2014