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Stone Bridge in the village of Zovikj

In 1950 in Zovikj on the river there was a wooden bridge that was unsafe and narrow.

One day, Milan Markoski’s step-father, Trajkoski Velko, accessed to pass the bridge with oxen-drawn wagon and the son Najdo Najdoski; he was coming from the village to the field.


When he reached the middle of the bridge, it broke, so he fell into the river. There is a mill just below the bridge. The miller and other two people came and took out the man and the oxen. They took the man to the hospital in Bitola; the oxen were brought to his house which was at the entrance of the village. Because the oxen were injured they slaughtered them. After this incident a bridge had to be built. The master Gjuladin built the bridge, while all population from the village was bringing stones for construction. At that time Zovikj had many inhabitants, so they brought a lot of wood and the entire bridge was built. The bridge had to be finished from the side of Zovikj, but the miller asked not to built there, because the way leading to his mill woul;d be stopped, so he promised that he would built the remaining part; so the bridge remained not built completely. The bridge was built in 1954-55 and it is 15 m. in height.

Narrator: Milan Markoski 77 years village of Zovikj, noted by Igor Tasevski January 2014.


Expert report on the natural/historical monuments in the municipality of Novaci
Prepared by: Igor Tasevski, M.A.
April, 2014