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Peshta – v. of Gradeshnica

Peshta is a mound above Gradesnica village, on the north side. There was a Roman settlement, turret and tower, there were walls built with lime and sand.

The entrance to the fortress was from the east side. There were a church which foundations of he walls could be seen even today. In Ottoman times the fortress was unconquerable; Turks attacked with large forces, but could not conquer it and subdue its inhabitants. An old woman discovered the secret.  She told them that the inhabitants of Peshta took water from the opposite mountain, and if they cut the water, they themselves would surrender. Inhabitants of Peshta took water through an underground channel from the area Kjutova Mochara, somewhere aroundr locality Kravica. The old woman had to tell the secret, for the Turks beat her husband. She told them:, "Take a mule, keep it without water for three days and three nights and take it at the place. It will tell you where the water goes underground" They did so and found the water, cut the channel above the area Bren. They have made a fountain, spring which supplies cold mountain water even today.  At the location Bren there is a monastery, which is visited on the Day of St. Elias (Sv. Ilija) and brought sacrifice.
The monastery still exists today.

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