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The Stone of Dosho – v. of Gradeshnica

Certain Dosho was a goatherd, he pastured big hed of goats.

He had big male goats..
Some of them were larger than Dosho.
Once Dosho, pasturing the goats, climbed to a high stone, a goat ran and put his front legs on his shoulders, in a sign of closeness. But Dosho could not resist the weight of goat and fell from the stone to smaller sharp stones and died on the spot. So he lost the life on the sharp stone that is carved-like.
Since then, the Gradeshnica people call this stone the Stone of Dosho.
Done Panovski, Legends from Mariovo and Meglen, published in Miscellany, Folklore and etnology in Mariovo and Meglen, Prilep, 1994, 112.